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Suzuki Bandit GSF 600 2000-2004 Stainless Fairing & Screen Fasteners Bolt Kit

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This kit will fit the Suzuki Bandit GSF 600 2000-2004

Please note the pictures above are generic. They best represent the kit but the quantities will be different. No actual fairing panels are included, only fixings!

This kit features high quality Stainless Steel Pan Head Bolts with a head diameter of 12mm & 13.5mm (m5), 14mm (m6) and large (18mm diameter) headed shoulder bolts. These bolts are Stainless Steel which are better than standard OEM zinc plated bolts as they won't rust and have a shine that lasts for years.

This kit does NOT include the rubber fairing grommets. To add these to your kit please buy them from ourWe’ll a shop. Add them to your order and the postage won’t increase.

These are not Suzuki bolts, they are bolts we have had made from Stainless Steel to replace/upgrade the standard Suzuki bolts. They have a similar head shape, thread diameter and thread length dimensions to the standard bolts so will look like original bolts but remain rust-free for a lot longer. Different sized bolts are packaged separately in groups to make it easy for you to replace each standard bolt with the corresponding Stainless Steel bolt from Speedy Fasteners.

This kit includes all the shouldered bolts required to correctly space your bolt head from the fairing to prevent pinching or over-tightening of the fairing. Our bolts have the large diameter head, similar to the OEM bolts.

This kit will replace all the external bolts securing the: 

Front Mudguard

Upper Fairing / Bikini


Frame Covers

Included in this 52 piece kit are: 

22 Stainless Steel Bolts

22 Nylon Washers

4 Self Tapping Screws

2 Metal Clips

2 Rubber Well Nuts

This kit is made of high quality products at low prices. If bought from Suzuki, these parts will cost you between $3.24 (1x bolt) and $5.75 (1x well nut).

Please see our Suzuki Section for more great products.

100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the kit.

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Suzuki Bandit GSF 600 2000-2004 Stainless Fairing & Screen Fasteners Bolt Kit