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Plastic Screw Rivets Scrivets 8mm x 19mm

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This is a replacement plastic and captive nut fixings kit also refered to as Scrivets or Screw Rivets. The screws and flange nuts are made from black plastic and are designed to fit an 8mm hole.

These screws are found on wheel arch liners, bumpers, grilles, door cards and other interior panels.

8.0mm hole

6.0 - 14.0mm panel range

19.0mm head diameter

Push to set - unscrew to remove & re-use

Each kit contains:

10 x m8 (8mm) diameter plastic screws with plastic flange nut body

100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the kit.
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Plastic Screw Rivets Scrivets 8mm x 19mm