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Lotus Elise Exige S2, VX220 Pozi Phillips Head Dzus Quick Release Under Tray Diffuser

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Ever wished you could easily remove your under trays easily, without assistance, without tools and in a matter of seconds? I know I have! We've put together this kit to allow all of the above.

This quick release kit saves a great deal of time when changing the rear undertrays, making them oil changes and pre-track day inspections a lot easier. Also comes with nylon retaining washers to keep the studs in place when unfastening.

This is a quarter-turn quick release kit designed for a Lotus Elise, Exige or VX220. Please select the kit based on what model you have and what under trays you want to be able to remove quickly.

Fits the Lotus Elise, VX220 & Exige Series 2 Rear Diffuser and Engine Under Tray Qucik Release fixings kit. The Dzus Fasteners have a Pozi/Crosshead/Phillips style slot in the top.

The kit replaces the existing m5 size bolts and clips on the rear diffuser and engine under tray, the large m8 bolts (there are 2 in the rear diffuser and 2 in the engine under tray) are not included and can not be turned into quick release fixings, please re-use your existing m8 bolts.

The kit changes the outer fixings on the rear diffuser, the fixings joining the rear diffuser and the engine under tray and the 6 fixings securing the engine under tray.

Please check your model to see how many fixings you have on the rear diffuser as some models have more fixings on the rear diffuser, (such as the 111R  and the S2 Exige).

The Elise and VX220 kits have all silver studs. The Exige rear diffuser is black, so we do the Exige Kits with black rear diffuser studs and silver engine tray studs.

In general this is what size kits the various models tend to have.


Elise Exige S2 Rear Diffuser & Engine Under Tray - 20 Piece Kit

Elise Exige S2 Rear Diffuser Only - 14 Piece Kit

Each kit comes with quarter turn fasteners, slide clips, retaining washers and protective washers.

Undertrays are not included, this is just a fixings pack.

A full fitting guide can be emailed to you if required, please email us to request a fitting guide.

100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the kit.

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Lotus Elise Exige S2, VX220 Pozi Phillips Head Dzus Quick Release Under Tray Diffuser