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Dzus Fasteners Sizing Kit for 6mm Studs Motorcycle Fairing Panels

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These are GENUINE DZUS FASTENERS bought from Southco in the UK.

Want to fit these fantastic quick release quarter turn fasteners to your bike fairings, car, or just about any panel you want, but not sure what length you need? No problems, simply.

  • order this sizing kit
  • try the different sizes out to work out what sizes you need
  • purchase the parts you require from our Dzus Fastener Section
  • return the sizing kit to us, with a note or order number attached
  • we will refund you the sizing kit cost, not the postage costs (otherwise we lose money!)
In the sizing kit you get 5 different sized Dzus fasteners, 2 different styles of recepticle (rivet on and clip on) a retaining washer and a spacing washer. Fit either recepticle to your fixed panel, line the second panel up and try each fastener until a tight "click" is felt when turning. This is the size of Dzus fastener you need. The sizes below are the total of both panels, the one with the clip attached and the panel you are fastening to it. Please account also for any gaps between the two panels. We supply 2 washers that are 0.5mm thick each, so this accounts for 1mm.
15mm Dzus - Holds Material: 4.5mm to 5.4mm
17mm Dzus - Holds Material: 6.5mm to 7.4mm
19mm Dzus - Holds Material: 8.5mm to 9.4mm
21mm Dzus - Holds Material: 10.5mm to 11.4mm
25mm Dzus - Hold Material: 13.7mm to 14.6mm

We have good links with the suppliers of Dzus products in the UK and can source any style, colour or length you need, just send us a message for prices and lead times.
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Dzus Fasteners Sizing Kit for 6mm Studs Motorcycle Fairing Panels