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Dzus Fasteners Pozi Crosshead Star Button Head Silver Zinc Panex Studs 6mm (No Receptacle)

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These are GENUINE DZUS FASTENERS bought from Southco in the UK.

These Dzus studs are 6mm in diameter at the widest part of the shaft (locking spiral at the end) and 5mm along the main shaft. They have a Pozi/Crosshead/Star slot in the top of the button style head.

Simply select your desired Dzus length (length in mm is the length between base of head and tip of shaft).

Each kit contains:
1x Dzus Quarter Turn Fastener
1x Clear Nylon Washer
1x  Black Retaining Washer

The sizes below are the total of both panels, one panel with the clip attached and the panel you are fastening to it. Please account also for any gaps or brackets between the two panels. We supply 2 washers that are 0.5mm thick each, so this accounts for 1mm.
For example 2 fairing panels of 3mm thickness plus our 2 washers (0.5mm thick each) will total 7mm. The 17mm stud in this case is the size to choose.
15mm Dzus - Holds Material: 4.5mm to 5.4mm
16mm Dzus - Holds Material: 5.5mm to 6.4mm
17mm Dzus - Holds Material: 6.5mm to 7.4mm
19mm Dzus - Holds Material: 8.5mm to 9.4mm
21mm Dzus - Holds Material: 10.5mm to 11.4mm
25mm Dzus - Holds Material: 14.5mm to 15.4mm
28mm Dzus - Holds Material: 17.5mm to 18.4mm
35mm Dzus - Holds Material:24.5mm to 25.4mm

If you are not sure what size Dzus you need, why not purchase our Dzus sizing kit? "Dzus Panel Quarter Turn Fairing Bodywork Sizing Kit 15mm - 21mm"

Once you receive the Sizing Kit and try out the different size studs, you will know what length studs you need. When you then purchase the Dzus studs from us, and return the sizing kit, we will refund you for the Sizing Kit.

If you don't have Dzus quick release studs or want more quick release fasteners to replace standard bolts, these are easily installed in minutes and save a great deal of time and hassle when removing your fairings. These are essential for race fairings. These are GENUINE Dzus Fasteners and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality! These are 100% genuine Dzus, made to the high standards required by aviation, GP & F1. If you see any cheaper kits they are most likely replicas made cheaply in China, don't take the risk! We have good links with the suppliers of Dzus products in the UK and can source any style, colour or length you need, just send us a message for prices and lead times.
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Dzus Fasteners Pozi Crosshead Star Button Head Silver Zinc Panex Studs 6mm (No Receptacle)