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Ducati 1098 1198 848 Black Aluminium Fairing Bolts Clips Wellnut + Dzus Fasteners Option

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This kit will fit Ducati 848, 1098 and 1198 models from 2007 to 2012. 

This kit will replace the bolts securing the upper and lower main fairings and rear fairings. It does not provide fixings for the screen, as we don't currently have m4 size black bolts. This kit also includes 26 new fairing Wellnuts and 14 spire clips that are worth replacing whilst the fairings are off.

This kit features high quality Stainless Steel button flange head bolts with a head diameter of 12mm (m5). These bolts are Stainless Steel which are better than standard zinc plated bolts as they won't rust and have a shine that lasts for years.

These are not Ducati bolts, they are bolts we have had made from Black Anodised Aluminium to replace/upgrade the standard Ducati bolts. They have a similar head shape, thread diameter and thread length dimensions to the standard bolts so will look like original bolts. Different sized bolts are packaged separately in groups to make it easy for you to replace each standard bolt with the corresponding bolt from Speedy Fasteners.

Included in the 151 Piece Bolt Only No Dzus Kit are 

26 Well Nuts 

17 Spire Clips 

54 Black Aluminium Bolts 

11 Stainless Slide-On Collars

54 Nylon Washers

We also have the option to have Dzus Fasteners. These are small 4mm diameter Dzus Fasteners. You can combine bolts and 13x Dzus in a kit, or just Dzus Fasteners. Please see the diagram and choose how many Dzus you want.

13 Piece Kit - 5 fixings both sides at the top of the fairing (blue arrows) and also 3 fixings underneath on the belly pan (green arrows). The 4 fixings joining the two fairing sections on each side remain in place. This allows each side to be removed as a whole.

17 Piece Kit - This kit will replace 7 fixings on each side and 3 on the belly pan, to enable rapid fairing removal. The 4 bolts and well nuts that hold the upper and lower fairings remain.

18 Piece Kit - Blue and Yellow fixings.

21 Piece Kit - Replaces all fixings in diagram (blue, yellow and green arrows). Upper and lower fairings can be removed seperately.

Requires no modifications to your fairings or frame.

These 4mm diameter Dzus studs are perfect to fit through the frame of your Ducati as the larger more common 6mm studs are too big and require the frame to be drilled out! 

These Dzus studs are Black zinc plated and they look fantastic!

This kit is made of high quality products at low prices. If bought from Ducati these parts will cost you $3.71 per bolt and $6.88 for 1x well nut. 

100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the kit.

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Ducati 1098 1198 848 Black Aluminium Fairing Bolts Clips Wellnut + Dzus Fasteners Option