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Lotus Elise Exige S2 Quick Release Service Panel Access Panels Kit Front Compartment

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This kit allows Quick Release removal and refitting of both service panels on the Front Clam Shell

This will fit the Lotus Elise S2. Some early models (pre 2003) seem to have a slightly different nut and bolt setup under the clam which may need the bolt cutting, or a nut being inserted under the clam shell. Post 2003 Elise’s the installation is very easy.

This Dzus Quick Release Quarter-Turn fastener kit allows the rapid removal of the front access/service panels quickly and easily. Once this kit is fitted, access to the front clam takes seconds, not minutes!

This kit is designed for the Elise’s with only 2 fixing points (near the windscreen). It replaces both of the existing m5 threaded bolts on the panels with similar looking 5mm Allen key headed quick release studs that sit in the existing service panel washers.

This kit is very easy to fit, and fitting instructions will be emailed to you. It’s also simple to use and because we include retaining washers, each stud remains attached to the service panel so you won’t lose any.

Unlike other kits out there, we include alloy brackets to replace the existing set-up so you can have a quick release stud on the fixing nearest the windscreen.

This kit contains:
2x Aluminium Brackets
2x Bolts & Washers to fix Brackets
(we also include nuts for early Elise S2’s)
6x Zinc/Silver Dzus Studs
6x Black Dzus Retaining Washers
6x Large Nylon Washers
6x Small Stainless Steel Washers

This kit does not contain the special Elise washers that sit in the panel. We have these available, please see item number 132508037581. If you buy 2 kits we can post together and refund a bit of postage in most cases. Just message us.

To get access to the Service Panel simply use a 5mm Allen Key and turn each stud 90 degrees. Each stud will ‘click’ undone. The panel will now be lose and able to lift free of the car. No more time intensive spinning each threaded bolt to unfasten, just quick simple quarter turns.

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Lotus Elise Exige S2 Quick Release Service Panel Access Panels Kit Front Compartment