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158 Piece Universal Race Track Pack Fairing Frame Bolts Fixings Dzus

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Product description

This pack is designed to include most items you will need when attending race meetings and track days, as well as just being handy to have in the garage at home incase you need to replace anything quickly. The kit includes bolts, washers, nyloc nuts, well nuts, spring clips, plastic screw rivets along with 8x 17mm d-ring Dzus studs, Dzus washers and Dzus rivet-on clip receptacles (inc. rivets). Most or all of the parts will fit any motorcycle. These parts are ideal for changing the hardware for the:
Fenders / Hugger
Fork Pinch Bolts
Handlebar Pinch Bolts
Bar End Bolts
Lever Clamp Bolts
Fairing Brace Stay Bolts
Heel Plate Bolts
Footpag Bolts
Footrest Hanger Bolts
Silencer / Exhaust Bracket Bolts
Speedo Retainer Bolts

This kit does not contain the large structural frame bolts that connect sections of frame together, this is purely to replace the visible bolts as listed above.
This kit contains fixings that will fit most makes and models of bike used by Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Ducati etc.
All the parts are made from high quality A2 stainless steel (unlike the original fitted bolts that are low quality zinc plated steel) that looks great and resists corrosion. To buy this kit elsewhere will set you back about £200.
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158 Piece Universal Race Track Pack Fairing Frame Bolts Fixings Dzus